Garage door security

Its vitally important to secure your garage and shed with extra security have you had a tot up of what amount of value you have of items in there

Regardless of that Garages and sheds are really easy to open!! so what burglars do is break in to sheds and garages with little more than a stick or branch off a tree in order to steal more heavy duty tools to break-in to a house ( maybe yours or maybe someone else’s)

You see if they are caught with tools whilst walking the street and they are known to the police – this is called going equipped and carries an automatic arrest – so breaking in to your garage to get tools doesn’t sound so silly now does it..


Sheds are really easy to open if all you have is a budget hasp and staple that is screwed with screws on the ut side – all they have to do is unscrew the screws.. you need to hve a concealed hasp or a shed bar..


Its almost imperative that extra security is fitted to garages most are only secure with a latch that can be popped open with a cut down plastic bottle

The garage defender  is a beast of a lock it’s bolted in to the ground and the top part of the lock is secured by a solid steel padlock spot on with up and over doors


If you struggle with bending down you may be better off with Enfield D613 bolts  theses are bolted onto the inside of the garage door and you turn the key several times which winds out a bolt through in to the frame. Ideally these should be fitted 300mm from the floor but if you have problems getting down they could be fitted a little higher..

In all fairness if you wanted ultimate garage security buy 2 pair and fit them in to each corner of the garage door this will stop the garage door being peeled open..