New Solidor or Rock door fitted with Ultion lock

If you have had a Solidor or Rock door fitted with an Ultion lock you have chosen great doors especially there composite ones – we have noticed that more and more of these doors are being fitted with the key wind system ( so instead of lifting the handle you turn the key several times and wind out the locking mechanism)

So the Ultion lock is the right choice of lock for these doors as it’s a very strong key if you use a genuine key blank) let alone that the Ultion lock will make your door very very secure!!

You may not have had enough Ultion keys supplied with your lock and may require extra as not all door fitting companies have the very expensive key cutting machines to duplicate Ultion Keys

We can do this for you using Genuine Ultion Keys

We are an approved Ultion key cutting centre and all our keys are cut using genuine Ultion blanks and are cut on the latest calibrated cut to code machines.

All we need is your Ultion key code number that is engraved on your Ultion key you just type it in here and request the quantity and we do the rest.

If you have registered your Ultion keys for secure online registration – we are authorised to cut your keys – you will receive an email advising that West Midlands Locksmiths have requested to cut your key and did you request that? You just respond with the security question answer that you set up at time of registration and the cutting codes will be released to us.

We will cut your Ultion keys same day and will be sent out in opaque secure packaging

It is vitally important that you use a genuine Ultion key centre to cut your Ultion keys as non-genuine copy blanks will invalidate your guarantee and copy keys are just not as strong as the original Ultion keys If you fancy some cool Ultion key caps for your Ultion Keys we have them here but if you buy 3 keys from us you will get your key caps for free.