Anti Snap Locks

Titan Home Security Store supply a wide range of anti snap locks and also provide a local anti snap lock fitting service.

Anti Snap Lock

The Ultion Lock is the most secure anti snap lock ever made. It is Sold Secure Diamond accredited and has a three star security rating making it one of the best locks on the market today.

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Ultion vs Other Locks

Ultion locks have been designed to withstand every known forceful entry method keeping you and your loved ones secure in your home. Watch the video and see how well Ultion stands up versus an array of other locks including ones marketed as anti snap.

The ultion cylinder has never been beaten in any tests and is known as the most secure lock ever built.

Anti Snap Locks – It’s all about the Diamond

There are many Anti snap locks out there you will even see TS007 3 Star on certain brands



An Ultion lock combats all major attacks including lock snapping

3 Star Anti Snap Locks

There are four ways a thief will usually try to get in your home, the first is lock snapping, this is the main reason for getting a lock with anti snap properties. The intruder will try to break the cylinder in half in order to manipulate the mechanism inside the lock to open your door. We are seeing this method being used more frequently in the United Kingdom as it is a very fast way to get a door open with very little skill. The next way is to pick the lock. We have all seen this method on the television where a set of specialist tools are used. It works by applying torque to the lock which keeps the tumblers in place then with a small tool the pins inside are put in place and then the lock is opened. Another worrying way is by a method known as lock bumping. This is where a blank key is inserted into the lock and using a hammer, is “bumped” until the lock gives way. The last method is what is known as lock drilling and this is usually used as a last resort due to how loud it is. Doing this makes alot of noise as the burglar will use a power drill to destroy the cylinder to gain entry.

Prevent Break-ins With The Right Lock

All the methods above are used on a daily basis by criminals to gain access to homes and businesses all around the world. So what is the solution? How can you protect your home from offenders breaking in? Well the best way you can stop these criminals in their steps is to upgrade all the locks on all doors especially the final exit ones. A thief is usually opportunistic by nature and will always go for an easy target. If you locks are old or not to a high enough standard, a felon will know that you are easy pickings. People who do not have anti snap locks on their doors will become targets and are at higher risk of someone gaining access to their homes than people with them.

The Ultion lock, has a wide range of security features that protects you from all types of attack. The lock has anti bump and pick pins that make it virtually impossible to be picked or bumped meaning it cannot be forced open. Snapping is also impossible due to the Ultion’s unique lock down mode that fires a pin into the cam when the first part of the lock is compromised and drilling is near impossible as well due to each vunerable part of the lock being housed in solid steel.

Real Life Examples Of Insecure Locks

I am a locksmith by trade and I can tell you the Ultion lock is by far the most secure lock on the market today. Below, you will see some photos below that I have taken from jobs that I have been out to. In each case the lock has taken just seconds for the intruder to snap and gain entry. As a locksmith I have seen and tested many brands of locks and even some that call themselves “anti snap locks” but most have failed when put to the test. The only one that I personally endorse and trust is Ultion as I have seen it in action and the lock has stood up to every type of attack time and time again.