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Despite the fact, as a genuine Ultion Dealer we are not permitted to display the price of Ultion locks Titan Home Security Store have devised a clever system that allows you to select your required lock and receive a near instant price via email.
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Are Ultion The Best Anti Snap Locks on the Market Today?

Ask any experienced locksmith which anti snap lock is the best and you will usually find they say Ultion – Take a look at the quality of the Ultion Anti Snap Locks below to discover why many locksmiths consider them to be the best. Without question Ultion Anti Snap Locks are one of the most secure cylinder on the market today. The Ultion Lock is the most secure anti snap lock ever made. It is Sold Secure Diamond accredited and has a three star security rating making it one of the best locks on the market today. Ultion locks have been designed to withstand every known forceful entry method keeping you and your loved ones secure in your home. Watch the video and see how well Ultion stands up versus an array of other locks including ones marketed as anti snap. The ultion cylinder has never been beaten in any tests and is known as the most secure lock ever built.