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Anti Snap Locks

Secure your home today with our range of Ultion anti snap locks, the highest grade security cylinder in the industry. Stop burglars in their tracks with The UK’s favourite Sold Secure TS007 Diamond Approved lock system with a 10 year guarantee.

Prevent Lock Snapping Techniques With Anti Snap Locks

It is estimated that over 25% of burglaries use "lock snapping" or "lock bumping" as the method of entry and that number is rising everyday. With a quick look online you can see why that is. There are many websites that offer tools and advise on how to snap a lock and criminals are able to get hold of these tools with little more than an ebay account and watching a Youtube video.

What Is Lock Snapping

Lock snapping is a method of breaking a lock which involves snapping the cylinder using simple tools such as a screwdriver or hammer and literally snapping the lock in two. Worryingly, this method of entry can be performed in a matter of seconds and and is mainly used on Euro lock cylinders. Most of us have at least one of these types of locks in our home especially those of us with UPVC doors.

Replace Your Lock For Peace of Mind

The easiest way to combat this threat is to get anti snap locks. They are easy to fit, all you need to do is measure your old cylinder, order a new one and get it installed. The locks we sell here on meet the highest standards in security and feature state of the art anti lock snapping technology.