Who is Ultion

Todays article we will look into the company Ultion and WHO are they!!

Based in Yorkshire Ultion is a fairly new lock manufacturer (2013) compared to the likes of yale/Union but dont be put off by its youth. Ultion have really stepped up to the mark and in our opinion they are ahead of some of the old timers in industry, doing things others have not even thought of. If your looking for a high security lock that will give you peace of mind for years to come then Ultion MIGHT be a good fit for you.

The WXM is their latest lock generation and is one of the most secure locks on the market today with accreditations- secured by design (police) and TS007 Approved kitemark 3* which is the highest rating you can get.

ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM- YES!! we are going to talk about it so here we go- some people will say “oh no, not Ultion, nothing but problems with them”. I think this will be regarding the first series of locks they released they had a small issue with 1 part of the lock. As i mentioned before they are relatively new to the arena so what product isn’t going to have teething issues. Ultion were very swift in identifying and rectifying the issue, yes it gained some bad press but addressing the issue head on was the goal and they solved the problem within a mater of weeks. Lessons were learnt from this and to go from that to now being one of the top lock manufactures in the country is no mean feet so, well done Ultion!!

Thanks for reading